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Marketers' Love/Hate Relationship with Marketing Technology


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B2B marketers are using and investing in more marketing technologies than ever before, and see them as highly valuable tools for their work -- yet most aren’t willing to spend much time managing them. Why?

If marketers value marketing technology so much, why do half of them complain of having too many?

The Martech Industry Council -- Leadspace brought together a group of 32 senior B2B marketing leaders to better understand how companies can use technology to improve their marketing efforts. To better understand marketing leaders’ views on technology, the council conducted a survey of B2B marketing executives to discover the top challenges facing marketers.

The bottom line? Unlike their B2C counterparts, B2B marketers have more data than ever, but can not harness it to know their customers in a way that will help them market more effectively.

How and why are B2B marketers struggling, and how can the industry turn things around?

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